Free inspection and energy consultation

If you are concerned of your energy costs or simply need to find out how a solar energy system could work for your home or business, all you need to do is contact us to set up an appointment at a time and date convenient for you.

An energy consultant from Orik Industries will meet with you, study your electricity bills, visit the site and conduct a feasibility study on the best suited solar energy for your requirement and budget.

All this will be provided free of charge and you will only need to submit your latest electricity bills to us.

Solar system installation

We are committed to ensure that our customers are absolutely satisfied with our products and services.

An important part in ensuring this is providing efficient, unbeatable technical assistance with. A team of experienced and skilled technical officers/personnel oversee every installation handled by Orik Industries and they ensure that it is carried out with minimum hassle and meet with the highest safety standards within the industry.

The installation is then followed up with excellent after sales service, ensuring continuous monitoring of the performance of the energy system.

Efficiency monitoring and after sales service

The dedicated service staff at Orik Industries will monitor the web enabled solar systems installed at your home/ business on a daily basis, generating a performance report which will indicate the amount of energy created by the system daily.

Our monitoring portal helps you reduce operation and maintenance expenses by telling you when, where and how you need to act. Receive automatic alerts directly to your email inbox, and receive an overall view of the efficiency of the solar energy system so that you have better control and hands-on information/evidence of the return on your investment.

In addition to this unparalleled after-sales service and monitoring from Orik Industries, we also assure you a lifetime of 25 years on the solar panels and a 12 year warranty on the inverters. In the rare, if not unlikely event that your solar power system develops a fault, we will ensure that the issue is rectified promptly and efficiently, by our team of experts.

What’s more, our solar system installations are future-focused and planned in such a manner that would even allow you to easily expand the system for further capacity to meet greater demand of energy in the future by your household/business.