Solar Panels are panes designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity.

Our solar panels our assured of the finest quality for optimum performance and efficiency. We at Orik Industries bring you wide ranging technology from leading suppliers of solar panels around the world, so that you enjoy the freedom to choose the brand that best fits your requirement and budget.

We offer you three leading brands of solar panels brought to you through our partnerships with some of the largest global suppliers of PV panels.

REC Solar

Consistent with cutting-edge European technology, REC Peak Energy 72Series panels are the perfect choice for building solar systems that combine long lasting product quality with reliable power output. REC combines leading standards of design and manufacturing to produce high-performance solar panels with uncompromising quality.


Bringing the finest Japanese technology to your doorstep, Kyocera is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy panels. The ‘Chain of Custody’ approach to manufacturing at Kyocera, gives complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, producing modules with built-in quality, proven superior field performance and tight power tolerance; making it ideal for residential or commercial power generation.


Complying to state-of-the-art Australian technological standards, Simax is a Private high-tech company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of silicon ingots, solar wafer, solar cells, solar modules, PV systems and other solar applications. The cost effective, high-performance solar panel of Simax means that solar energy is no more a luxury and is affordable by all.