Our corporate ethos

Our futuristic approach to renewable energy generation is fuelled by a deep passion for conservation of our planet.

Gas, fossil fuels and other energy alternatives collectively pose a threat to the environment as well as power plant operators and the end users, due to price volatility and limited availability.

Anthropogenic climate change is also a very urgent problem — probably the most serious one now facing humanity. It is no secret that chronic pollution through fossil fuel combustion is a major contributor towards global warming and climate change. The future looks bleak for fossil fuels as human activities contribute to the depletion of accessible supplies of coal, oil and gas substantially, and peak global production of traditional sources will almost certainly arrive within the next few decades; driving up energy costs.

We believe that renewable energy is a critical part of reducing global carbon emissions and climate

As a progressive company looking towards the future of energy solutions, Orik Industries is committed to advocating the use of Solar Energy generation as a more economically viable, sustainable source of renewable energy. We pursue solar energy technologies that leverage our company’s strengths and which can be deployed with competitive economic returns to our clients.

Long term sustainability, energy independence, and more transparent energy bills are amongst the many guaranteed benefits offered to our clients through solar energy solutions.

We envision de-carbonisation of Sri Lanka’s energy supply, with the aim to create a greener Sri Lanka for our future generations.

Our Solutions

At Orik Industries, we provide solar panels, inverters and engineering/installation solutions as a sustainable and cost –effective power generation solution to residences and corporates.

Further, for selected government and non-governmental clients, the company provides fully- fledged solutions on power generation along with the supplying of material and goods.

The products and services for the above solutions are provided through our Authorized agency status of leading energy generation brands in the world. To bring you the best technology from around the world, we have signed joint venture agreements with world renowned companies and product lines such as REC solar – Germany, Kyocera – Japan, SMA inverters – Germany, Eco solutions – USA, Firm – Japan, Solco – China, Green AC – Taiwan and Simax – Australia.


The most trusted renewable energy solutions provider in Sri Lanka.


The most trusted renewable energy solutions provider by offering high quality, cost effective products, while delivering best-in-class after sales service and superior customer care; thus meeting stakeholder expectations and contributing towards green energy development in Sri Lanka.

Jayantha Wickramasinghe

Renewable energy such as solar power has a lot of potential. It is inexhaustible, cost-effective and efficient. It offers a framework to generate economic growth and exercise environmental stewardship. Its advantages are prominent and it’s never too late to take the right step towards your future.

Dinesh Silva

At Orik, we have taken the onus to illuminate our nation with sustainable energy generation while supporting the countrywide effort for solar energy popularisation. We envision to attain sustainable development through conservation. I urge everyone to come and join this mission, and leave a better legacy for our future generations.